episode no.3 身分構建的方式/ 

​prefix-a way of identity construction

episode no.2 想像的凝视/ An Imaginative Gaze: Alternative Interpretation of City and Community

​"The grand highway 















An Imaginative Gaze: Alternative Interpretation of City and Community

Work by Jing Zhang arising from an interview with Canberra artist Alison Alder

watercolor, photo collage, 2015-2020

Is Canberra a community? What is the relation between the physical space and a psychological construction? I gazed at Griffin’s drawing on the Commonwealth contour map created in 1911, the nodes linking roads, the streets linking blocks. How the city expands from a center towards the boundary seems as the same way how I feel connected with the world, in the form of an interlaced labyrinth, as the blood vessels linking my organs. Sometimes dense, sometimes loose. 


Any difference between the past and the current life? Can someone consciously design his or her community as the city planner? Becoming connected with others by following the straight, structured lines, and the established roads? Any linkage between cities? 


a depressed poetics

                       the smartphone has a better memory than me,

      my footprint, people I met,

                     how I was connected, being loved,


Flow with the inertia/drag

                infinitely approaching but unintersectable

                     randomness, out-of-order, absurdity

     loneliness —— the only way of human existence


     Chongqing → London ~// Beijing >>> Shanghai < Sydney_-Canberra


             → ?

             how does the time flow? 

                     2015 → 2020 → 2017 → 2016? 

the ordinary people 

        /in/appropriate transplant 

 "I know it is very hard to live like this, in a drifting life" 

 "Forget how it connected only with you" 

 "I swear, I will pursue freedom, forever"

 "Make all the elements in the whole nature won't kiss anymore,

 let them deviate from each other. 

 The fisherman leaves his earthly wife and children, 

 crossing the sea, crossing the sea.

 leave home, leave love"


                                      —— that was what I told myself

We will never be a city planner, 

we may be faced with - a life - inescapable - out of control


episode no.1 一次冥想的對話/ A meditative dialogue