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Journal and hand-drawn maps

When I was inspired by the artwork “lost astronauts” by Ellis Hutch, the first image that came to mind was of Lake Burley Griffin. Lake Burley Griffin was so similar to the location of Ellis's work that I mistook it for Canberra. Even at different times of day, Lake Burley Griffin makes me feel different. If I look at the mountains in the distance on a sunny day, the ducks in pairs are playing in the water or resting on the shore. Occasionally there is a boat floating on the lake. Everything here makes me feel like I’m living in a poem. If it is in the evening, there will be a new feeling. Small and lonely, as if the coming night will swallow me, everything in the distance has become unknown. But I'm addicted to it. I like to be surrounded by the unknown, and I like the freshness of the mystery. More importantly, it matches my sense of alienation as an outsider. So, Lake Burley Griffin became my first choice after I decided to take a series of pictures of outsiders.


I ordered props such as Hanfu, embroidered shoes, wigs, hairpins and fox masks on Chinese e-commerce Taobao. However, it is a great pity that due to the worldwide prevalence of coronavirus, my package cannot enter the territory of Australia for a long time. Fortunately, I found a friend with Hanfu through the Chinese community and rented her Hanfu on a daily basis. The traditional fox mask I chose was replaced by the white mask I bought at Big W. In the photos, the white mask adds some elements of horror while missing the original Chinese flavor. In any case, even if the process was rough, I finally finished my preparation.

Jingyi x Zora

By Lake Burley Griffin

In the Lower Molonglo Nature Reserve

By Lake Tuggeranong

On the highway from Canberra to Yass

Although the shoot was very hard, I went home and continued with photoshop software to retouch and adjust the colours. Finally, I finished the huge work on the third day.


To conclude this creation, I would like to thank all the classmates and Anni of HUMN8034 for helping me understand the meaning of collaborative creation in just a couple of months. I would also like to thank my friend Yuexin Zhao for helping me with the shoot. Finally, I'd like to thank Ellis Hutch in particular for inspiring me with her excellent artwork.

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