Yuexin Zhao, Communities in Canberra, 2020, video.

Interviews with Canberra based artist Jacqueline Bradley and ANU student collaborators

I was inspired by a conversation with Jac around her feminist beliefs. When it comes to the implication of feminist belief systems, she said "that has expanded… beyond just wondering where women's voices are, but to wondering where kinds of diverse cultural voices are" and, as I quoted in the end of the video, "I'm interested in a situation where lots of different voices can be heard on their own terms". Thinking about her words while I'm working with a multicultural class on a project about the experience of community in Canberra, I realise that we are in so many different communities and have so many different experiences, yet our communities which may identify us stay hidden, so why don't make these different views visible and celebrate the diversity in a world we living in?


Faces are not shown in the video. The intention is to let communities and experiences in those communities identify us rather than appearance.