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Alternative communication: Reflection on the transformation of the collage series (autonomous?)

Reflection, collaborative storytelling.

Artists in Canberra Community: interview them, interview Saskia.

I didn’t make the choice. We were left the last pair.


“Word is not my first language.”

“English is not my first language.”


Who needs alternative communication?

Put words and images together.

Mis-match fragments:

So we are not avoiding,

Mis-understand each other.

So we discover untold and unknown connections.

See how it evolves!

I will never understand your words thoroughly, Sas.

But what’s not said are exposed in the collages – as fragments

“Can we ever understand each other?”



Why tell stories then?

And does telling it together make a difference?

And how on earth do you tell it together?

Must be not just through words.

Must be not just a spoken story.

Zora Pang, March 2020 in Canberra

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